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Steinem Endorses Quinn for Mayor, Wishes She Could Vote for Someone Else

Gloria Steinem arrives at
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For the woman with perhaps the strongest chance ever of moving into Gracie Mansion after this election, an endorsement from Gloria Steinem would seem like a lock. But the feminist icon and early New York writer has been less than forthcoming with her support because of Quinn’s reluctance to let a bill giving workers paid sick leave go to a vote. Quinn folded on sick leave last month so finally, on Tuesday, Steinem told the New York Times she would endorse the only viable female candidate in the race. “I wish it could have been faster,” Steinam said. But she said Quinn “has lived a life that allows her to understand the needs of most New Yorkers.” Alas, Quinn still doesn’t have Steinem’s unqualified support: “I wish Bella Abzug had been mayor,” she said, fondly recalling her work on the fellow feminist’s 1977 mayoral campaign. 

Failing Bella Abzug, Steinem Will Endorse Quinn