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Jennifer Rubin Decides That Boston Explosions Are a Perfect Time to Make a Point About Abortion [Updated]

It seemed, for a while, like the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof would be the winner of today’s inevitable Worst Politicization of a Deadly Tragedy contest after he tweeted this (since-deleted) critique of GOP obstructionism:

But Kristof has since deleted the tweet and apologized:

Soon after, though, the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin swooped in to fill the void, and then some:

It’s subtle, but Rubin appears to be making an allusion to a colleague of hers at the Washington Post, Sarah Kliff, who has said that she didn’t write about the Kermit Gosnell stoy because she covers policy, “not local crime.” So congratulations to Jennifer Rubin, who, against all odds, found a way to use what appears to be a deadly terror attack to make a point about abortion. 

Update, 5:35 p.m.: In later tweets, Rubin gives a wholly different explanation for her “local crime” tweet. You be the judge.

Update, 6:03 p.m.: The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto tweeted out a partisan joke about President Obama, then deleted it minutes later and apologized.

Jennifer Rubin Ties Boston Bombs to Abortion