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Larry Johnson’s Homophobic Twitter Logic Is Not Bulletproof

New York Knicks forward Larry Johnson (R) dunks the ball in front of Philadelphia 76ers forward Theo Ratliffe (L) during the third quarter 01 February, 2001 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The 76ers beat the Knicks 87-80.
Photo: MATT CAMPBELL/AFP/Getty Images

Amid tons of support around the league for NBA player Jason Collins’s coming out, former New York Knicks star Larry Johnson is gunning for captain of the retro team. Joining pro golfer Bubba Watson and ESPN’s Chris Broussard in espousing backwards views on homosexuality, Johnson, who currently works as a basketball and business operations representative for the Knicks, went with the time-worn “gays in the locker room” defense of his veiled homophobia, declaring that the idea makes him “uncomfortable.” Eventually, however, he did have a minor breakthrough thanks to the magic of social media.

It got off to an ugly start last night:

And then Johnson started to engage, while sticking to his guns:

Which led to his most ridiculous point:

And then some backtracking:


It’s a start?

Larry Johnson Uncomfortable With Gay NBA Player