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Is Mayor Bloomberg Unbreakable?


Mayor Bloomberg says he doesn’t support guaranteed sick-day legislation because it will “hurt small businesses and stifle job creation.” But a deeper explanation may be that Bloomberg just can’t sympathize with what it’s like to be sick enough to miss work because that has never happened to him, ever. 

How is this possible? It seems like the only explanation is that Mayor Bloomberg is unbreakable like Bruce Willis in the movie Unbreakable. Consider how remarkable it was that Willis had gone just five years without a sick day:

Bloomberg, on the other hand, is 71 years old and has been working for close to five decades without a sick day. Furthermore, a Nexis search for news reports of Bloomberg breaking a bone, straining a muscle, stubbing his toe, or suffering a paper cut came up empty. He once saved a courtside waitress at a Knicks game by pushing away a falling six-foot-eight, 220-pound professional basketball player

Asked whether Mayor Bloomberg is, in fact, unbreakable, Bloomberg spokesman Marc La Vorgna offered Daily Intelligencer this non-denial: “We are more Die Hard fans.”