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Mitt Romney’s Former Staffers Are Portlandia’s Most Unexpected Fans

Musician and Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein, who was on the rooftop of D.C.’s W Hotel for Friday night’s New Yorker White House Correspondents’ Dinner Eve party, had a real “holy shit” moment at last year’s event, when “members of Mitt Romney’s team” approached her to say that they were fans of her decidedly liberal-minded IFC series. “I was very pleasantly surprised,” she said. “I think people underestimate that Portlandia has an appeal to a large group of people that [co-star Fred Armisen] and I witness all the time. Whether you’re left or right-leaning or young or old, people actually get it.” Brownstein credits the show’s wider-than-expected appeal to the “posturing in terms of the differences between political parties. But most of us have neighbors or friends or family members who are on either side of the aisle,” she explained. “It’s nice to find commonality … It’s nice to just hang out with some Mitt Romney aides. Or whoever.” Perhaps Brownstein should consider running for the next available Oregon Senate seat.

Mitt Romney’s Staffers Actually Like Portlandia