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North Korea Authorizes Nuclear Strike on U.S., But It’s Still Not Time to Freak Out

Hey U.S., just wanted to remind you that we might nuke you someday.

There’s been a constant stream of belligerent rhetoric from North Korea, but Thursday’s blustering stands out. In addition to moving a missile to its eastern coast, North Korea announced that its military is now authorized to wage “cutting-edge smaller, lighter and diversified” nuclear strikes against the United States, which could “break out today or tomorrow.” In response, the U.S. is moving a missile defense system to Guam, but officials remain unfazed, saying North Korea’s missiles can’t reach the U.S.. We hate to say it, but with these daily threats we could really use some kind of color-coded terror scale to let us know when it’s time to cower under our desks.

North Korea Authorizes Nuclear Strike on U.S.