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Watch President Obama Miss Approximately 4 Million Jump Shots [Updated]

President Obama’s basketball skills have been described as “above average” and “not that good,” but today they were more like “so embarrassing that he needs to stop before we all vomit from embarrassment.” During the annual White House Easter celebration this morning, Obama took 22 shots in total, and sunk … two of them. It got so bad that children started trash-talking him, a full grown man who runs the United States. “He couldn’t make one,” said 10-year-old Kahron Campbell, who hit a lay-up after a pass from Obama. “I had to help him out.”

Obama missed layups. He air-balled. When he finally hit a shot, from point-blank range, onlookers humored him with applause. We’re going to bomb someone any minute now.

Update, 3:14 p.m.: Here’s a gif of that horrendous missed layup:

Video: Obama Missing Many, Many Basketball Shots