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Christine Quinn Is the One Person Who Doesn’t Want to Talk About Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner’s candidacy has put Christine Quinn in a tough spot politically, and now he’s unwittingly sabotaging her campaign events. At an event on Wednesday highlighting her endorsements from many high-profile women, reporters mainly asked questions about Weiner. It wouldn’t look great to start attacking the character of a guy who technically isn’t even her opponent, so instead Quinn responded to every question with some variation of “I feel incredibly confident, based on my record, regardless of whom I am running against … that I am going to be mayor.” Then, getting frustrated, she blurted out, “I’ve got a lot to say about myself.” That’s valid, but she’ll need to find a snappier way to put the focus back on herself, as the other guy has an endless supply of weiner jokes on his side.

Quinn Doesn’t Want to Talk About Weiner