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The Mayor’s Race Is Too Damn On, Thanks to Jimmy McMillan’s New Rap

This mayoral race has already had its wacky moments, but that’s only in spite of (or awkwardly because of) how earnest the nine candidates all are. Now that the Rent Is Too Damn High Party’s Jimmy McMillan has announced his candidacy with a new rap video, the real fun can start. McMillan’s announcement in verse, which Animal New York helped him produce, lays out his platform simply and awesomely: “The rent is too damn high / my mustache and haircut is too damn fly.”

I’m on a mission again, to give the people my word.

The rent around here’s too damn absurd!

The rent and the deficit is too damn high.

Poverty and unemployment both up in the sky.

Wages and education is too damn low.

Economic recovery is too damn slow.

Guy’s got a point. Now the question is will he participate in the debates? He’s done it before, and it’s not like he’s any weirder than, say, John Catsimatidis, so hopefully the answer to that question is yes. But will he rap?

The Race Is Too Damn On Thanks to Jimmy McMillan