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Suspected Colorado Killer Went Free Because of Clerical Error

As police investigate the possible connection between the murder of two Texas prosecutors and the killing of Colorado prisons chief Tom Clements two weeks ago, another disturbing detail has come to light: Clements’ suspected killer, Evan Spencer Ebel, should have been in prison. Four years were tacked onto Ebel’s carjacking sentence after he assaulted a corrections officer, but a clerk accidentally wrote that the extra time was to be served “concurrently,” not “consecutively.” Police believe that after his release in January, Ebel killed Domino’s delivery man Nathan Leon and wore his uniform when he shot the prisons chief as he answered his door. Ebel died two days later in a shootout with police. The court released a statement saying it “regrets this oversight and extends condolences to the families of Mr. Nathan Leon and Mr. Tom Clements.”

Suspected C.O. Killer Went Free Because of Error