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Suspected Mezuzah Vandal Proclaims His Innocence on Facebook

On Wednesday morning, police apprehended Ruben Ubiles, who’s suspected of burning twelve mezuzot in two Brooklyn apartment buildings this week, just after he finished composing a Facebook rant proclaiming his innocence. “Im know for fighting, not arson. Arson is a waste of time, especially something not worth going to jail for cause its nonsense,” [sic throughout] wrote Ubiles, who’s been arrested 52 times for drugs, robbery, and assault. He added, “I don’t jate Jews. Ive worked with them for years, so why create an unnecessary problem for me.” The fact that he was found naked, hiding under his girlfriend’s bed makes his story somewhat less convincing. As of Wednesday afternoon, police were still questioning Ubiles, and he’s yet to be charged.

Suspected Mezuzah Vandal Proclaims His Innocence