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This Is What Chelsea Clinton Does at NBC

Photo: Melanie Burford/Dallas Morning News/Corbis

In case anyone was wondering how Chelsea Clinton’s cushy “special correspondent” “job” at NBC is going, the answer is awesome, if you like fake interviews about advertising that really just serve as advertising. On Rock Center With Brian Williams, the former first daughter delivered a stilted voice-over for a hard-hitting chat with a cartoon pitchman, as part of a series ostensibly examining “some of the most popular television advertisements.” But that’s not all! She also interviewed the people behind those admittedly adorable AT&T commercials with the little kids, which just so happen to be directed by Booth Jonathan from the show Girls (where he awkwardly slept with Brian Williams’s daughter). In case this strangle circle of incestuous privilege weren’t weird enough already.

It seems like nice work, if you can get it:

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This Is What Chelsea Clinton Does at NBC