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Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser Absolutely Hates the Huffington Post

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 23: Actor Vincent Kartheiser attends The Paley Center For Media Presents:
Not a fan of being called an asshole. Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

When a Huffington Post reporter introduced herself to Vincent Kartheiser at the Paley Center’s Mad Men panel discussion last night, the man known to millions of TV viewers as Pete Campbell replied, “Oh, do they pay you at least?” When the reporter confirmed that they do pay her, Kartheiser responded, “You’re one of the few.” He added, “You guys post some pretty bad shit over there sometimes, no offense.”

If Kartheiser seemed a little snippy, it’s because he has something of a grudge against the website. “The only thing I have against Huffington Post,” he said to the reporter later during their interview, completely unprompted, “is you guys published something called ’Who’s the bigger asshole Vincent Kartheiser or Pete Campbell?” I was like, really you’re going to just call someone an asshole you’ve never met? It wasn’t you, it was someone else. Oh well.”

The twist ending: Unbeknownst to Kartheiser, it actually was her. 

Vincent Kartheiser’s Grudge Against HuffPo