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Woman Mugged in Gasp-Worthy Subway Station Video

Many, many people get robbed in this city — almost 4,000 so far this year. And many people get assaulted — also close to 4,000 in 2013. But we rarely see the brutality play out as it does in this video of a 56-year-old woman being mugged at an F train station in Borough Park, Brooklyn, last month, which police released Tuesday. In the footage, the mugger struggles with the victim before knocking her down, then kicks her while she’s on the ground. It ends with her fleeing the scene, the attacker in close pursuit.

The New York Post fills us in on what we’re seeing: “The suspect is believed to be in his 20s, about 150 pounds and wore a black hoodie with an Italian fraternity’s letters, ‘Alpha Phi Delta,’ on the front and ‘Stugotz’ with the number 27 on the back.” Amazingly, the woman came away with only bumps and bruises, injuries The New York Times described as “minor.”