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Yet Another New York Politician to Be Charged With Corruption

In what’s becoming a depressingly familiar headline, yet another New York State politician is expected to be charged with corruption on Monday. This time it’s State Senator John L. Sampson, who the New York Times reports will face an obstruction of justice charge for allegedly introducing a businessman to Shirley Huntley, the former Queens state senator who cooperated with the F.B.I. in exchange for leniency in her own corruption case. The businessman, who operates at Kennedy International Airport, allegedly paid Huntley $1,000 to contact airport authorities on his behalf as he tried to expand. Huntley reportedly recorded conversations with nine political insiders, three of which (including Sampson), “yielded evidence useful to law enforcement authorities.” So it’s likely Sampson won’t be the last person charged in all this.

Another Politician to Be Charged With Corruption