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‘Space Oddity’ and 6 Other Chris Hadfield Space Videos Worth Watching

Before yesterday, most of us would have found it impossible to name a single active astronaut, which is kind of sad, because as those commercials attest, astronauts are objectively badass. But now you might be able to name one, at least: Chris Hadfield. The mustachioed Canadian’s cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” (with various lyrical tweaks) — recorded from space — has quickly garnered over a million views since it was posted to YouTube yesterday.

Space Oddity,” though, is hardly Hadfield’s first space video. Here are six others worth watching. 

Chris Hadfield Demonstrates How Awkward Crying in Space Would Be

Chris Hadfield cannot cry on command, because his life is amazing in every way. But if he did cry — which, again, he never will — this is how awkward it would look. 

Chris Hadfield Wrings Water Out of a Towel

Water doing more weird things in a gravity-less environment! 

Chris Hadfield’s Watch

It’s like staring at a lava lamp made out of a watch. 

Chris Hadfield Clipping His Nails

This sounds gross, and it kind of is, because watching someone clip their nails carries some inherent grossness with it. But it’s interesting how he does it! He clips them into this suction filter thing. Space!

Chris Hadfield Opening a Can of Mixed Nuts

Have you ever wondered how mixed nuts would behave in space? No? Maybe a uniform container of nuts, such as cashews? Because the mixed part is not that important. 

Chris Hadfield Playing Guitar With Floating Maple Leaves

This is actually a video from 1995 aboard the Russian space station Mir. We like it because the floating maple leaves make this video very, very Canadian. 

Chris Hadfield’s 7 Best Space Videos