Citi Bike Gets a Harsh Lesson in City Biking: Theft

New Yorkers had typically mixed reactions to Citi Bike’s first day of operation Monday, and the program can truly count itself among their ranks now that it’s gone through a quintessentially New York experience: After a horrendous search for a place to stay, it’s finally moved in and immediately had its bike stolen. As seemingly any city cyclist can attest, theft is an increasingly common occurrence, so if you have 6,000 bikes, you’re just about guaranteed to lose some. In this case, the Sunday evening theft at Second Avenue and 25th Street happened as workers were delivering bikes to a rack there. They tried to run after the thief, according to the New York Post, but he got away. If only they had had a truckload of bikes with which to chase him.

Citi Bike Gets a Harsh Lesson in City Biking