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Columbia Journalism Review Loses Three Top Editors

It was a rough week for New York’s media world, what with the layoffs at the  New York Daily News and walkouts at the Village Voice. And on Friday, The Columbia Journalism Review’s executive editor Mike Hoyt and editor-at-large Justin Peters were laid off right as editor-in-chief Cyndi Stivers announced her departure for Hoyt and Peters will stay on until Steve Coll takes over the Columbia Journalism School at the end of June. Current dean Nick Lemann told  Capital New York that the layoffs were due to — what else? — money issues. “CJR has to have a relationship between its revenues and its expenses,” he said. “For the fiscal year that’s currently ending, the revenues didn’t come in where we wanted them to, so we’re having to take measures to reduce the expenses. We’re trying to create a situation where it’s possible, or even likely, that CJR’s operational deficit will be minimal in fiscal year 2014.”

Columbia Journalism Review Loses Top Editors