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NYPD Officer Makes Gun Arrest Near Spot Where He Was Shot Last Year

Police Sgt. Kevin Brennan only returned to the Bushwick Houses on Tuesday to prepare for the upcoming trial of the man accused of shooting him in the head in January 2012, but he wound up being called into action for the first time since the incident. When Brennan’s former partner, Michael Burbridge, spotted two men wanted for a home invasion last month, the pair jumped from their unmarked car, leaving two excited prosecutors in the back seat. Brennan noticed one of the men trying to hide something and found a 9mm handgun loaded with seven rounds tucked in his waistband. The two men, who belong to the same gang as Brennan’s alleged shooter, were arrested on robbery and weapons charges. Brennan says he didn’t realize he was standing just a few hundred yards from where he was shot. “Today happened so fast, I wasn’t thinking of anything,” he said. “When Mike said they were wanted, we went to grab them and it was like old times again, when me and Mike used to work before I was hurt.”

Cop Makes Gun Arrest Near Spot Where He Was Shot