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Drudge and His Minions Fall for Terrible Joke About Bloomberg’s Pizza Freedom


The upstart, unfunny version of The Onion known as the Daily Currant — which takes a vaguely ridiculous premise and writes a real enough article about it sans any real humor — made the coveted top of the Drudge Report this morning, thereby making the site only slightly more inaccurate than usual. In the article, meant as satire (but pulled off almost purposefully poorly, perhaps to fool the Drudges of the world), Mayor Bloomberg was refused a second slice of pizza by an owner mad about the soda ban. That didn’t happen, but the reactions from those who think it did at least gave us the laugh the joke site couldn’t.

Drudge’s readers are going nuts with it, because ha-ha New York City liberals, freedom, etc.:

Daily Currant Bloomberg Pizza Joke Tricks Drudge