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Christopher Dorner Reward Money Mostly Going to Couple He Held Hostage

Rick Heltebrake, the guy who said “somebody owes me a million dollars” after his run-in with Christopher Dorner back in February, will get none of the reward money offered for the fugitive ex-cop’s capture, the Los Angeles police announced on Tuesday. But he was oddly prescient when he said, “I don’t mind parting it three ways.” While $800,000 will go to Jim and Karen Reynolds, the couple who Dorner held captive in their Big Bear cabin, another $150,000 will go to Daniel M. McGowan, a Snow Summit ski resort employee, who called police when he saw Dorner’s burning truck. And a tow truck driver named R. Lee McDaniel will get $50,000 for reporting Dorner’s truck and license plate number in Corona shortly after the manhunt started. Police had already spotted Dorner’s truck when Heltebrake called it in, the Los Angeles Times reports. Tough break.

Dorner Reward Money Going to Couple He Captured