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Rudy Giuliani Always Had a Bad Feeling About Anthony Weiner

Former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani speaks during a a press conference in Belgrade on April 20, 2012. Rudolph Giuliani visited Belgrade today on the invitation of the main opposition party SNS and its candidate for Serbian capital's mayor in the May 6 vote. Giuliani, who ran New York from 1994 to 2001, told reporters that he had come to Belgrade to

Although Anthony Weiner is making his presence known after a late foray into the mayoral race, Rudy Giuliani is not impressed. “I wasn’t stunned when he got in trouble. [I’ve known] him for years and always knew something was wrong with him,” the ex-mayor told the Post’s Cindy Adams, paraphrasing Taylor Swift. The rest of the column isn’t about Giuliani’s character-judging prescience but, ironically, the release of his former police commissioner Bernie Kerik from prison.

Giuliani Always Had a Bad Feeling About Weiner