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Renegade Goat’s Pulaski Skyway Escape Plan Totally Worked

Different goat, but you get the idea.

Early Tuesday morning, a goat apparently riding in the back of a truck to a slaughterhouse either escaped or fell out on the Pulaski Skyway east of Jersey City. After dodging cops and cars for almost two hours and causing four accidents in the process, the goat now has a name, Sky, and will almost certainly live out the rest of her life on an actual (not metaphorical) farm upstate after a stint in a Jersey City shelter. “If no one claims her, the goat will be moved to a rescue farm in Wantage,” the New York Daily News reports. And even if someone does, the chances of a public outcry to save the animal are pretty big, considering the high-profile adventure it’s had. Goats: 1, slaughterhouse: many.

Sadly, the dashboard camera is not prevalent here, but some intrepid commuters caught a bit of the chaos:

Goat’s Pulaski Skyway Escape Plan Worked