stand clear of the derailed train

Here’s How to Navigate Your Connecticut Commute Tomorrow

Photo: MTA

While authorities continue to investigate exactly what caused a New Havenbound Metro-North train to derail and strike another westbound train in Bridgeport, Connecticut on Friday night, the Associated Press kindly put together some commuting advice for tomorrow morning. As was reported Saturday, Metro-North Railroad is expecting service between South Norwalk and New Haven to be down for a few days while crews rebuild 2,000 feet of track, overhead wires, and signals. South Norwalk and Grand Central Terminal service will also be reduced, but there will be a bus to take you between Waterbury and Bridgeport. Stamford to Grand Central Terminal as well as New Canaan and Danbury branches shouldn’t be affected. On Amtrak, Acela Express and Northeast Regional Service between New York and New Haven are suspended indefinitely with limited service expected between Boston and New Haven. Meanwhile, in anticipation of the horde of people getting behind the wheel and heading to unaffected train stations, a commuter group is asking that officials in numerous towns suspend parking rules. Good luck out there, everyone.

Here’s How to Navigate Your Connecticut Commute