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Jack Lew’s Terrible Signature Has Gotten a Little Better

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is widely known among the American public for his stance on the long-term effects of expansionary fiscal … no, no he’s not. He’s known for his signature. His loopy, illegible, amazing signature.

We wrote about Secretary Lew’s signature back when he was nominated, comparing it to “a Slinky that has lost its spring” and “a slip of paper in Office Max that people use to try out new pens.” We mocked, but the signature was really a thing of beauty. It signaled then-nominee Lew’s boldness, his unwillingness to hew to social convention, his devil-may-care attitude toward airs and appearances.

And now that he’s been serving for a few months? The signature … well, I hate to break it to you. As MSNBC points out in the above before-and-after shots, it’s ruined.

Lew still hasn’t done his official etching, when he’ll sign the signature that appears on U.S. paper money. So there’s still time to peer pressure him into bringing back the Lewpty Loop, before this heinous thing is preserved for all posterity.

Jack Lew’s Terrible Signature, a Little Better