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Jason Collins’s Ex-Fiancée to Write a Book About How His Coming Out Was for Her


The historic coming out of NBA player Jason Collins, along with blazing a new trail in male professional sports, set him up for a potential career expansion that could include a tell-all book or a role as a motivational speaker. So far, Collins has not capitalized monetarily since his Sports Illustrated cover story, scheduling only an appearance at an LGBT fund-raising event for Democrats, co-headlined by Michelle Obama. His former fiancée, meanwhile, has stolen some of the spotlight for herself and is beating him to writing a book, or at least announcing it.

Last week, Carolyn Moos, herself a former WNBA player, went first to TMZ to tell them she did not see this coming and only found out Collins was gay a few days before his public announcement, “So this is all hard to understand.” Moos apparently gathered her thoughts quickly, because she proceeded to make media appearances far and wide, and declared today on her personal training website, Fitt 4 Life, that she now has enough insight into Collins’s struggle to write about how it has affected her:

Carolyn will be writing a book as she reflects on her recent life events about her former fiancé. She welcomes submitted questions from the public about what they would like to hear more on given topics that were discuss at the surface level in the interviews. Send your questions to and Carolyn will review all of them as she begins to write.

Howard Kurtz, for one, is eager to hear all about it.

Jason Collins’s Ex-Fiancée Is Writing a Book