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Seventeen Homemade Bombs Were Found in a ‘Very Curious’ Man’s Los Angeles Apartment

According to Los Angeles police, Robert Wilson is “an individual who was just very curious with explosive devices and then manufactured them.” They continued to describe him as “just kind of a loner and it was probably more experimental.” But that’s putting what Wilson did mildly. In reality, police found 17 different homemade pipe bombs in various stages of construction as well as a small amount of methamphetamine in the 29-year-old’s apartment. The bombs were all safely detonated earlier Wednesday.

This little hobby came to light following a routine traffic stop that gave away a potentially dangerous liquid in his car — where Wilson also kept a Colt .45 handgun and various narcotics. Already on probation for a weapons violation, he is currently in custody on charges of felony possession of a destructive device. Still, Los Angeles police Deputy Chief Michael Downing described Wilson as a “hobbyist, lone wolf, tweaker,” reiterating that they don’t think he’s dangerous since he isn’t on any “any federal databases, not associated with any groups or gangs.” That’s all well and good for now, but considering the charges, perhaps it’s only a matter of time before someone calls him a hippie.

LA Man Found With 17 Homemade Bombs