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Minnesota About to Become Third State in Two Weeks to Legalize Gay Marriage

A gay marriage supporter waves the U.S. flag and a rainbow flag as supporters and opponents of Minnesota's gay marriage bill gather in the State Capitol rotunda in St. Paul as the Senate prepared to take up the issue Monday, May 13, 2013 in St. Paul, Minn. The bill passed the Minnesota House last week.
Gay-marriage supporters in the statehouse. Photo: Jim Mone/AP/Corbis

After passing through the state Senate today, a bill legalizing gay marriage will be signed by Minnesota’s governor in a ceremony tomorrow, making the state the twelfth in the country (along with D.C.) to allow same-sex marriages, and the third state, along with Delaware and Rhode Island, to join the list since just the beginning of May. That’s not a pace that will continue, but still, it’s been a good two weeks. 

Minnesota About to Legalize Gay Marriage