Colliding Trains Caused Very Scary-Looking Missouri Bridge Collapse

Seven people were hurt this early Saturday morning near Rockview, Missouri after two freight trains collided, causing the collapse of a highway overpass. According to CBS affiliate KFVS, a Union Pacific train T-boned a Burlington Northern train that was passing through an intersection at around 2:30 a.m. The Union Pacific train derailed and ran into one of the nearby bridge’s support pillars, snapping the street into pieces. No one was on the overpass at the time, but two cars carrying a combined five people drove into the destroyed road because it was too dark to see what had happened.

The drivers and passengers were taken to the hospital, as were the Union Pacific train’s conductor and locomotive engineer, who were pulled from the wreckage. (“One was kind of bloody; the other one looked like he was pretty shook up,” said a witness.) Somehow, six of the injured people have already been released, and the remaining one is reportedly in good condition. The accident occurred just a day after a truck crash lead to the collapse of an overpass near Seattle, and a week after dozens were injured after a Metro-North train derailed in Connecticut.

Missouri Bridge Collapses After Trains Collide