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Michael Musto Takes the High Road in His Village Voice Farewell

If you were a veteran columnist for a well-known weekly paper, and increasingly the only reason people picked up a copy of that paper, and that paper laid you off after 30 years, you might be tempted to say some negative things about that paper. But Michael Musto refrained from doing so in his Facebook farewell to The Village Voice, which unceremoniously canned him this week. In fact, the only mention he makes of the publication by name is a glowing one.

What a ride! I got to meet my icons, piss off power brokers, and write whatever I wanted because the Voice not only let you do that, but encouraged you to do so, providing a cathartic venue in which to spout truths and even make enemies, if need be.

If Musto has his next move lined up, he hasn’t made it public, but he told Gawker on Friday that “so many people have come out to offer their love (and opportunities).” Given the enduring affection readers and his fellow media types have for the guy, we’re sure he’ll land on his feet.

Musto Takes the High Road in His Voice Farewell