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Obama Not Even Mad at Relentless Code Pink Heckler

Medea Benjamin, a Code Pink protester who does this all the time, walked right into President Obama’s big national security speech today and made her presence known as he attempted to discuss closing Guantanamo. “Ma’am, let me finish. Let me finish, ma’am. This is part of free speech, you being able to speak, but also you listening, and me being able to speak,” the president said, a little flustered. “I’m about to address it, ma’am, but you’ve got to let me speak!”

By the third time she started yelling, though, Obama was super cool and grinning. “The voice of that woman is worth paying attention to,” he said. “Obviously I do not agree with much of what she said. And obviously she wasn’t listening to me and much of what I said, but these are tough issues, and the suggestion that we can gloss over them is wrong.” We’ll call it a draw.

Obama Not Even Mad at Code Pink Protester