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Warning: You Will Cry a Little When You Watch This Oklahoma Woman Find Her Dog in the Rubble

Even amid the death and grief yesterday’s massive tornado left behind in Moore, Oklahoma, there were small moments of triumph and happiness. Barbara Garcia was talking with a CBS News reporter yesterday in front of the rubble of what used to be her home. As the cameras rolled, Garcia described surviving the storm but being unable to find her dog.

“I hollered for my little dog, and he didn’t answer, or didn’t come, so I know he’s in here somewhere,” Garcia said, and our hearts break because obviously this dog is dead. Like, super dead. 

But, no, he’s not dead, and we get to watch Garcia and what sounds like “Bassie” reunite on-camera. And it is absolutely beautiful, the pure joy this woman feels upon finding her dog. She’s homeless, and all of her possessions have been destroyed. But she still has her Bassie.

Oklahoma Woman Finds Dog in the Rubble on TV