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Fellow Florida Republican Challenges Marco Rubio to Hip-Hop Knowledge Battle

Marco Rubio’s mainstream taste in rap is amusing because he’s a nerdy Republican and it works for him when it comes to scoring headlines in unlikely places. Now a lesser-known Florida conservative wants in on the street cred: hip Representative Trey Radel flexed his aptly described “true frat bro from the 90’s” knowledge in an interview with Now This News, expounding on the “conservative message” of Public Enemy (points for pulling in the recent DOJ scandal) and his love of listening to and making “electro, kinda house” hip-hop beats.

To me, Tupac is what I’ma be listening to in my car. Biggie is at the party,” explains Radel, who also studied comedy at Second City. And as for Rubio, “Man, Rubio’s good. I know that Marco is definitely up to date on a lot of the newer stuff,” but “you throw me in a match in any old school hip hop, I’ll kill it.” Dead.

Representative Trey Radel Knows His Nineties Rap