Former CBS News Anchor Rob Morrison Still Very Angry, Still Calling Reporters ‘Bro’

Rob Morrison’s mug shot.

While the rest of the media world lost interest in Rob Morrison months ago, the Darien Times, the former CBS anchor’s local paper, has valiantly stayed on the case. Morrison, you may recall, was arrested in February for allegedly choking his wife. He was also accused of abusing her for years and having affairs with two co-workers. In addition to all that other horrible stuff, Morrison once told a reporter, “Unless you want to talk about the Bruins or the Grateful Dead, I’m done, bro.”

Morrison, it turns out, is still a very angry person, and still insists on calling reporters bro. In a phone call to the Darien Times yesterday, Morrison complained about the paper’s coverage of his ongoing legal troubles, telling a reporter that he was a “fucking idiot” who works for a “shitty” newspaper and whose sources “suck.” Told that the paper’s source was the court, Morrison responded, “Good for you, bro,” adding, “You know every time you call my fucking attorney, it costs me a thousand dollars?”

The paper informed Morrison that the conversation was on the record, then reprinted its highlights. So all in all, a really productive phone call. 

Rob Morrison Still Angry, Calling People ‘Bro’