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Shirley Huntley Also Wasn’t Honest About Her Broken Ankle

Former State Senator Shirley Huntley, who was arrested this summer for embezzlement, didn’t even have to get off the couch to secretly record nine people, eight of whom now face criminal investigations thanks to an ongoing probe of Albany corruption. Instead, they came to her, because she faked an injury. The New York Times reports, “Ms. Huntley, now 74, said she had broken her ankle, and she often held court last summer in a small room in the back of her house, sitting on a couch, surrounded by campaign supplies, often chain-smoking cigarettes or sipping Zinfandel, while her white poodle waited upstairs, one visitor recalled.” It was not hard to pull off, according to DNAinfo: “She said she had a broken foot but she was wired up the whole time,” an anonymous source told the site. “Nobody thought anything of it because she’s an old lady.” We’re New York lawmakers will be more careful of old ladies in the future.

Shirley Huntley Faked Broken Ankle