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Tabloids Blame Campaign for Today’s Troubling Lack of Weiner Jokes

Photo: Alex Wong/2011 Getty Images

While it was reported that the video announcing Anthony Weiner’s mayoral run accidentally went live just after midnight on Wednesday, a campaign source tells TPM that the spot was always supposed to go up overnight — and editors at the Post and the Daily News are convinced that the timing was meant to keep penile puns off the cover of the city’s tabloids. “That’s exactly what he did,” said an anonymous night editor from one of the papers. “Everyone was pissed.” The Daily News made up for it with a double dose of dick jokes in its online headline:  “WEINER’S ALL IN! Disgraced politician officially thrusts his way into NYC mayoral race following weeks of speculation.” Several tabloid covers were disappointingly G-rated when Weiner first hinted that he might run, but the papers don’t intend to let us down again. “Don’t worry, we still have tons of weiner jokes,” said the source.

Tabloids Blame Campaign for Lack of Weiner Jokes