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Tick Tock Murder Plot Allegedly Called for Torture by Pliers

The alleged murder plot behind the scenes at New Jersey’s famous Tick Tock Diner included a request that the hit man, hired by a nephew of one of the owners, torture the owner to get access to the safe, the New York Times reports in a new, er, tick tock of the case. Prosecutors say the nephew, Georgios Spyropoulos, was a manager at the diner and tried to hire a hit man to kill his uncle, Alex Sgourdos, who he thought was keeping too much of the money. “Mr. Spyropoulos insisted that Mr. Sgourdos be tortured to get the combination to the safe. The man reassured him: ‘You can get anything out of anybody with a pair of linesman’s pliers.’ ” The hit man turned out to be a state trooper, which should have been obvious because that pliers line is way too Pulp Fiction to be real.

Tick Tock Plot Allegedly Called for Torture