Bill de Blasio Is the Times’ ‘New Brooklyn’ Mayoral Candidate

Bill de Blasio is understandably thrilled by a glowing New York Times profile that paints the candidate as the living embodiment of the new Brooklyn. The pro-recycling, organic milkdrinking de Blasio is “determined to capitalize on its ascendancy, grass-fed beef jerky and all, offering the new Brooklyn as a proxy for all the boroughs outside Manhattan, whose dynamism and energy, he argues, is woefully unmatched by their influence inside the mayor’s office.” The Times is clearly still not over its Brooklyn obsession, but this time it may have a point about the weighted political influence of Manhattan, where most of de Blasio’s Democratic competitors live, even if they have outer-borough roots. Brooklyn’s other mayoral candidate, Sal Albanese, is not going to like this one bit.

Times Sees de Blasio as ‘New Brooklyn’ Candidate