ink-stained wretches

Wall Street Journal Kindly Requests Its Journalists Stop Looking So Ugly On-Camera

Make up
Photo: BORIS HORVAT/2010 AFP/Getty Images

In an e-mail to staff this morning, Wall Street Journal deputy managing editor Matt Murray and head of video Chris Cramer stressed the paper’s increased attention to video content, while reminding reporters that in this multimedia age, newsrooms are no longer a place where overweight alcoholics can forget to shave or not tend to their top and bottom buttons. “In that light, we want to remind those appearing on camera that you should take into consideration your appearance both in terms of journalistic content and on-air presentation,” the passive-aggressive note reads. “People are watching — and they are watching you.”

It goes on:

All of us appearing on-air should take care to present ourselves in the best light possible, and that includes physical appearance. As many of our regular guests already know, neat and professional dress, combed hair and a quick visit to our resident makeup artist on the 6th floor is encouraged before each appearance for both men and women – even for just a quick dash of powder. You want the spotlight focused on your stellar journalism – not shining off your forehead.

Got it, greasy writers? Yes, you may have journalism to do, but that is no longer the entire job. And luckily, Rupert Murdoch keeps a professional on hand to keep the slobs presentable: “We fully understand and appreciate the deadline pressure you are under and will make you camera ready in moments.”

Wall Street Journal to Reporters: Wear Makeup