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Anthony Weiner Filmed Some Kind of Campaign Video

It seems that Anthony Weiner’s newly hired campaign manager has gotten right to work: NBC New York reports that the former congressman spent a portion of Thursday morning “shooting a campaign-style video” on the stoop of his parents’ Park Slope home “with a camera crew, several handlers, and wife Huma by his side.” (As NBC helpfully pointed out, the house is where Weiner both launched and ended his 2005 bid for mayor.) Unfortunately, the production was interrupted when Weiner’s people noticed NBC’s cameras attempting to ruin what little surprise remains in the inevitable announcement of his mayoral campaign, which is expected as early as next week. In addition to still shots of the stoop-sitting scene, the news team managed to capture some grainy footage of an annoyed-looking Weiner and another guy “peering awkwardly around the parked cars” before they “pack up and split faster than you can say, ‘I’m Anthony Weiner and I approve this message.’” They were probably going to record that part inside, anyway.

Weiner Filmed Some Kind of Campaign Video