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Hofstra Student Killed by Police Bullet During Long Island Home Invasion

Andrea Rebello

A home invasion early Friday morning in Uniondale, Long Island resulted in the death of 21-year-old Hofstra University undergraduate Andrea Rebello, as well as that of intruder Dalton Smith, a 30-year-old ex-con. The New York Post reports that Smith entered the California Avenue apartment through a door that was left open momentarily so that Rebello’s twin sister’s boyfriend could move his car. Once inside, he demanded money from Rebello, her sister and her boyfriend, and another female friend, but the students didn’t have much cash. Smith allowed one of the girls to leave in order to visit a nearby ATM — he reportedly told her he would shoot one of her friends if she didn’t return in eight minutes — and she called 911 once she got outside. When cops arrived on the scene, Smith grabbed Rebello and, according to the police, threatened to kill her before pointing a loaded handgun at an officer. 

The policeman then fired eight rounds: Seven of them hit Smith, but one of them struck Rebello in the head. Smith previously served nine years for attempted robbery and weapons possession and, although released on parole in February, was fleeing an April 25 warrant for his arrest, reports the New York Daily News. Four Nassau County police officials, including Commissioner Thomas Daly, visited the Westchester County home of Rebello’s parents late Saturday to explain how their daughter was shot by the unidentified officer, who has been placed on sick leave. Meanwhile, Hofstra added a candlelight vigil for Rebello to the events surrounding this weekend’s commencement ceremonies on campus.

Woman Killed in Long Island Home Invasion