Bank Claims Georgia Woman Somehow Owes It $300 Million

Bank error not in your favor, right? Like in Monopoly?

You know how The Banks are constantly screwing over The People, just because they get off on it sexually? Here’s a good example of that: 


Ann Wiley is trying to get to the bottom of the error, but no one knows how it happened. She says three separate instances of $100 million charges to her account have frozen her assets. Sun Trust Bank told Wiley the problem was with the Department of Revenue.

Even though this is obviously a glitch that seems like it should be easily solvable, it has nevertheless not been resolved, because that would require The Banks being helpful instead of reveling in their twisted psychosexual mind games:

Wiley called her bank, SunTrust, and was told that the problem was with the Department of Revenue.

It turns out that a car she bought in 2004 may be the problem.

They’re telling me it’s the remaining balance of a sale. A $274 sales tax,” said Wiley.


Bank Claims That Woman Owes It $300 Million