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Alleged Fabricating Cop Apparently Not That Creative

Continuing its look into the work of Louis Scarcella, the former Brooklyn detective whose cases are currently under review by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, The New York Times noticed a disturbing trend: Many of the confessions he took contain one or both of the phrases “you were right,” and “I was there.” Of course, those are pretty unsurprising words for someone confessing to a crime. The problem, say those who suspect Scarcella of fabricating confessions, is that they keep appearing in the same order in otherwise unrelated cases. “It’s hard to imagine all five people used the same exact words,” Richard Leo, a University of San Francisco law professor who specializes in confessions, told the Times. “It almost sounds like a template.” Scarcella has denied that he ever fabricated a confession, but one can only imagine how much the reporters on this story want to hear him say those three little words.

Alleged Fabricating Cop Apparently Not Creative