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Antisemitic Elmo Indicted for Branching Out Into Girl-Scout Extortion

Photo: YouTube

Former Times Square furry Dan Sandler, also known as Adam Sandler but most often known as antisemitic Elmo, is back in New York after his jaunt to San Francisco. He came back not out of a homesick desire to go on more intolerant rants in Times Square but rather at the behest of police, after allegedly trying to parlay his antisemitic raving into an extortion scheme targeting Girl Scouts of the USA.

Sandler, who a decade ago ran the Cambodian-based porn site Rape Camp, worked as a temp on a computer programming project for Girl Scouts in 2007, and never quite forgot his supervisor there, District Attorney Cy Vance’s office said in a press release announcing his indictment. Last summer, he allegedly started e-mailing her to tell her that in his new line of work, “he made anti-Semitic comments and mentioned the name of the Girl Scouts while doing so.” Sandler also allegedly threatened to spread a false rumor that Girl Scouts had “arranged sexual encounters between adult men and underage girls at a scout camp,” if they didn’t pay him $2 million.

On the way back from San Francisco, where he was arrested, the obviously disturbed Sandler confided in an official escorting him, the New York Daily News reports. “I want to continue doing my Elmo gig because I make a lot of money,” he said. “I want to do that the rest of my life. I should have gone to law school instead of doing the e-learning.” Take heed, aimless high school graduates.

Antisemitic Elmo Allegedly Extorted Girl Scouts