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Anti-Bike Crusader Dorothy Rabinowitz Will Not Be Silenced

After taking a reasonable amount of heat from reasonable people for her delusional rant against the “dreadful,” “totalitarian,” “all-powerful” “bike lobby,” Wall Street Journal editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz has bravely stood up again against the “antagonism.”

If you understood from the vitriol that flowed in all of the blog world, you would know, if you walked through the streets of the city and you occasionally asked a bike rider who was careening down the sidewalk in all of his splendid, self-affirming, environmental helpist mood, to please not ride on the sidewalk, the answer is invariably an upraised third finger,” she sang without taking a breath. “I thought that the blogosphere response beautifully captured the general sense of ‘We don’t owe you anything. We are the virtuous.’”

The real truth is,” she continued, “you can get many community leaders, you can get an obedient city council, all of whom are terrorized by this thing that really exists, the bike lobby.” She’s right: Ban bikes.

Bike-Hater Dorothy Rabinowitz Won’t Be Silenced