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Bloomberg Plans to Kill NYPD Oversight Bill With Kindness

Photo: Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Two bills meant to increase oversight and accountability at the NYPD (one creates an inspector general for the police; another makes it easier to sue for profiling) passed City Council early Thursday with enough support to override a mayoral veto, but just barely. And that thin override margin gave Mayor Bloomberg, who has promised to veto the bills, an idea:  If he can pick off just one council member’s vote, there won’t be enough to override his veto. “People may vote for a bill and then be willing to maintain the mayor’s veto,” Bloomberg said on Thursday. The “very pleasant” phone calls to council members have already started: “He said, ‘I would love your vote, we would love your vote in the worst way,’” Councilman Erik Dilan told the New York Times. Dilan said he wouldn’t change, so the mayor has 33 more tries left.

Bloomberg Will Kill NYPD Oversight With Kindness