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Julian Assange Could Be Hurting Edward Snowden’s Chances With Ecuador

Julian Assange (L), the founder of the WikiLeaks whistle-blowing website, leaves the Supreme Court on February 02, 2012 in London, England.
Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

The odds of Ecuador granting Edward Snowden asylum once looked decent, with Julian Assange working his WikiLeaks magic from the country’s embassy in London and even supposedly securing Snowden a travel document that could stand in for his voided passport. But things are looking increasingly bleak now, with Assange still at the center of things. Not only did Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa declare the document invalid, but as the Guardian reported, “some – though not all – factions in the government were annoyed with what they saw as Assange grandstanding.” In correspondence obtained by The Wall Street Journal, Ecuador’s ambassador to the U.S. suggested “talking to Assange to better control the communications. From outside, [Assange] appears to be running the show.” Who would’ve thought?

Edward Snowden and Ecuador: It’s Complicated