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Bloomberg’s Daughter’s Boyfriend Got a Humiliating BUI

One of the worst parts about impregnating the daughter of New York City’s billionaire mayor is that all of a sudden the world cares who you are and what mistakes you’ve made. Meet Ramiro Quintana, the equestrian boyfriend of Georgina Bloomberg, who, it turns out, was arrested earlier this year in Florida for boating under the influence. Quintana was stopped around 7 p.m. — following Georgina’s 30th-birthday party on Mayor Bloomberg’s yacht — when he was observed “speeding and stopping, speeding and stopping.” He then fell off of his boat and “took about five minutes to get back on,” according to the newly public police report. To be a fly on the wall of that man-to-man sit-down with Mr. Mayor 

Georgina Bloomberg BF Arrested for Drunk Boating