KKK Member Designed Death Ray to Kill ‘Enemies of Israel’ in Most Confusing Scheme Ever

Not the Death Ray.

We know. You’re already lost. Why would a KKK member want to help Israel? What is a Death Ray? These are fair questions.

Glenn Crawford is a 49-year-old General Electric employee from Galway, an upstate town located outside of Schenectady. He’s reportedly a member of the tea-party group Americans Demanding Liberty and Freedom and of the United Northern & Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. With the help of at least one accomplice, and perhaps more, he designed and partially built a “radiation emitting device that could be placed in the back of a van to covertly emit ionizing radiation strong enough to bring about radiation sickness or death,” according to an FBI complaint. Crawford offered his Death Ray (we’re calling it the Death Ray, FYI) to various synagogues and local Jewish groups as a weapon they could use against the “enemies of Israel.” The police were alerted and infiltrated Crawford’s plot. He and his accomplice now face fifteen years in prison.

So, back to the first question: What kind of KKK member offers a Death Ray to the Jews? The kind of KKK member that hates Muslims even more. Crawford referred to Muslims as “medical waste” and railed against President Obama for allowing them into the country. “He directed the ins to start bringing the muzzies here without background checks,” Crawford wrote in a text message two months ago, referring to the INS, the immigration agency that has not existed under that name for ten years.

Crawford was apparently under the impression that all he had to do was call up a synagogue, offer them a Muslim-killing Death Ray, and the Jews would take care of the rest for him. “Thank you, Glenn,” the rabbi would say. “We have been waiting for someone to give us a Death Ray. We’re going to go kill all the Muslims now.”

KKK Member Designed Radiation Machine for Israel