Here’s the Video the Cuomo Administration Doesn’t Want Us to See

Anytime government workers produce a parody video, it raises questions about why they’re wasting taxpayers’ dollars in the pursuit of comedy, but it seems the purpose of the New York Times’s quest to obtain a 2012 video by Gov. Cuomo and his aides is mainly to highlight the administration’s lack of transparency. Case in point:  The Wall Street Journal has easily obtained a copy of the video and posted it online. It’s been more than a year since the Times requested the video under the state’s Freedom of Information Law, but The Journal discovered a recording from last year’s Albany press corps dinner was available from the digital service NYSNYS News. Judging from the reaction in the room, the inside jokes about Cuomo’s staff are pretty hilarious, but you can skip to minute nine to see the governor’s somewhat romantic date with reporter/nemesis Liz Benjamin. Maybe he just wanted to keep the clip from Sandra Lee.

Here’s the Video Cuomo Doesn’t Want Us to See